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Lisa Saunders is an award-winning writer and marketing consultant. As a  TV talk show host, publisher of the Mystic newsletter, columnist for Pathfinder, and instructor at New London Adult and Continuing Education, she shares news and stories and helps others share theirs. A graduate of Cornell University, she is the author of seven books, a part-time historical interpreter at Mystic Seaport, member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), and the parent representative of the Congenital CMV Foundation, working to prevent the #1 viral cause of birth defects. She was awarded the "Gold Medallion of Excellence" from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations.

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Lisa's books include: 

When most people think of the quaint seacoast village of Mystic, Connecticut, they think of Mystic Pizza. Yet when they visit to this maritime community, they find a lot more than pizza! This historical--and sometimes hysterical--travel memoir includes little known facts behind Mystic's pizza, the "7 Wonders," hurricanes, cemeteries and massacre, plus information on area shipwrecks, Amelia Earhart's wedding, Benedict Arnold's treachery and Ernie the Ledge Light Ghost. See News 8 interview at: Book Lover's Corner: "Mystic Seafarer's Trail"

Mystic Seafarer's Trail  is available online (Amazon and Barnes & Noble), at Bank Square Books in Mystic and at these locations.

“You will laugh out loud at Lisa’s adventures in this part travel guide, part historical reference and completely hilarious tale.” Bree Shirvell, Editor, Stonington-Mystic Patch

“Author Lisa Saunders has mastered the art/science/gift of writer-reader communication. She’s not writing at you; she’s talking to you…no holds barred. Her frequently disarming candor evokes reader reactions ranging from chuckle to head-shaking laughter.“ George Nammack, Long Island Boating World

“With a keen, self-deprecating wit, Saunders tells the tale of each of the 7 Wonders [of Mystic], beginning with Wonder #1, the whaleship Charles W. Morgan.” Windcheck magazine

Lisa Saunders has written an engaging and solidly researched narrative which should capture the attention of all who are interested in early New England history and the traditions of the sea that were one of its foundations.” David S. Martin, PhD., Professor/Dean Emeritus, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC 

"Lisa has a knack of digging for historic seafarers and turning her misadventures along the way into humorous escapades. Though dubbed the "Chicken of the Sea," Lisa wrote a great book."--Tom Santos, author of Mystic in the 1950s

“Entertaining, witty, informative—and cute! It covers a range of topics from personal loss to finding life, history and new friends.” Kristin Hartnett, Director, Laughworks, Mystic, Conn.


Anything But A Dog!: The Perfect Pet For A Girl With Congenital Cmv (Cytomegalovirus)


A mother’s humorous and moving search for one pet to suit two very different daughters--one a tomboy, the other mentally and physically disabled from the # 1 birth defects virus, congenital CMV (cytomegalovirus).
Congenital CMV blog


Ever True: A Union Private and His Wife

(Now a Reader's Theater)

The transcribed letters of Charles McDowell and his wife, Nancy, display remarkable devotion, and offer readers a unique perspective of the Civil War. These letters contain little known details about: hangings, prostitution, amputations, desertions, theft and murder among Union troops. Charles also describes personal contacts with Lincoln and Seward (of "Seward's Alaskan Folly"); battles of Cold Harbor, Jerusalem Plank Road, Monocacy, Opequon, Fisher's Hill, Cedar Creek; the Siege of Petersburg; Mosby's Men; and the Shenandoah Valley and Appomattox Campaign. The Ninth Heavy Artillery was a part of the Sixth Corps. This story is cohesive and informative yet charming and romantic in a very personal way. Vintage photographs enhance the text.



Paperback and e-book. A test of young courage. Lisa is a chubby city girl searching for friendship and excitement. She leaves home, and the elevators and bullies of a big apartment complex, to spend a summer in the country at her grandparents' farm. Culture shock! Accompanied only by her loyal beagle, Donald Dog, Lisa faces a summer in a very different environment with its own challenges and dangers. Using an outhouse is the least of her problems! She is terrified of her new pony. Lisa's grandfather is injured by a charging cow and needs her to ride the pony to get help. Remembering Grandma's lesson about how love overcomes fear, she tries to push past her worries to ride alone and obtain the help her grandfather needs. Book includes Study Guide, Workshop for Aspiring Writers, and sample horse facts and worksheets from Cornell University's "Horse Book in a Bucket" Program. See study guide questions at:


Shays' Rebellion: The Hanging of Co-Leader Captain Henry Gale

Henry Gale responded to Paul Revere’s call to Lexington and was honored as a patriot. Yet a decade later, he was considered a traitor for his leadership role in Shays’ Rebellion—a movement to stop courts from prosecuting and jailing the many Revolutionary War veterans unable to pay their debts in the post-war credit crisis. After a military conflict between the insurgents and the militia, Henry Gale was arrested, found guilty of treason and sentenced to “be hanged by the neck until he be dead.” Marched up to the scaffold, the gathered crowd watched the noose placed around his neck and prayers said. Moments before this father of several young children was about to be dropped from the land of the living, the sheriff pulled out a piece of paper and read a statement from Governor John Hancock.

Surviving Loss: The Woodcutter's Tale

The Woodcutter’s Tale is a tender fairytale for all ages about the process of healing after the death of a loved one. The afterword, written by noted therapist Julie Russell,LCSW, seeks to help individuals understand the grieving process and to return to a life with purpose and meaning. This booklet also includes how mother Lisa Saunders is trying to move forward in a way that will honor the memory of her daughter.


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Free pdf includes all images: Surviving Loss: The Woodcutter's Tale

How to Get Published (even if you're not thin and famous) is a booklet meant to be a starting point for you—it is based entirely on what has worked for the author, Lisa Saunders. Lisa shares her experiences getting published and how her writing hobby eventually led to a professional career as a writer. She will also briefly address the publishing process associated with short stories, non-fiction, children’s fiction and memoirs. Although she has never written an adult novel, many of the principles still apply. Self-publishing is an increasingly popular alternative, so she will discuss that option as well—especially since print-on-demand books can now cost nothing to produce. Buy it: How to Get Published (even if you're not thin and famous)

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